Why You Will Never look Like Your Favorite Fitness Model

Why You Will Never Look Like Your Favorite Fitness Model

Part of my client interview process is to ask how you envision yourself once you’re fit.  Occasionally, I’ll get answers like these:

  • “I want to look like…(insert name here). She/he has a great body. Not too lean, not too soft. I want to look like him/her.”
  • “I want to be skinny but I want to put on 10lbs…on my
    • ass
    • hips/thighs
    • chest
  • “I don’t want to get too big (like a bodybuilder). I want to look like those guys in the fitness magazines.”

There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone else’s shape and thinking that they look great.  There’s nothing wrong with setting goals to have a similar look like your favorite fitness model/actor/actress.  There’s also nothing wrong with wanting to achieve any of the bulleted points above. However, keep this in mind.  You will never look like another person, physically.  You will only look like you, a much better version of you. I hate to burst your bubble but there’s a strong chance that your body is structurally different than the person you want to look like, so don’t set yourself up for failure.

Always work towards sculpting a better version of you. We’re all blessed with different physical gifts. Take the time to analyze how you look. Stare at the mirror for a while and really take a good look at what you can eventually look like. Personally, I think I have great arms so that’s my gift. Yours might be a great set of shoulders or even bigger legs than most people who train legs religiously.

I see a lot of the female fitness models on Instagram who might be blessed with a nice rear end. Similarly, many of the fitness models in the modeling industry are blessed with naturally great physiques. Not to take anything away from them because I’m sure a lot of them are in the gym busting their ass like everyone else, but a lot of them are genetically superior than most. They look the way that they do because they train hard, work on their nutrition, and were born to look that way.

So here are my suggestions for when you’re assessing yourself and how you want to look.


Know what you can achieve and set goals towards achieving them.  Identify your strong body parts and work with what you have and set short term goals. Make your journey a series of stages and successfully achieve your set of goals.

Be Realistic

If your carrying more fat than the average person, perhaps your first goal should be to lose some of that fat first. You can’t turn fat into muscle or vice versa, that’s a myth and something I hear people say all the time. Not even sure where that came from.

Have Patience

Nothing worth having is gained overnight and this is especially true in fitness and bodybuilding. A fitness journey is a lifetime journey with many ups and downs. But rest assure that you will make progress and you will look great before you know it.

Be Disciplined

It’s simply not enough to plan/strategize, and to have knowledge of fitness. You also have to have the discipline to stick to your training no matter how hard it gets. And it will get hard but trust the process.

“train until your idols become your rivals”

I love that phrase, I saw it on Instagram and I find that motivating.  Hopefully you will too.

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Miguel Quintana
A passionate fitness trainer who enjoys living and promoting a healthy fitness lifestyle. He is known for developing effective training programs and uses science proven methods with all his clients.