Vegetables are the good carbs

Vegetables are the good carbs that you are probably not eating.  Yes, it goes without saying that if you’re not eating vegetables as part of your daily nutrition, then you should start now. Vegetables play an extremely crucial role if you’re trying to change the way that your body looks.  Vegetables are the good carbs because your body benefits from them in many more ways than just as an energy source.

Below are some of the most important reasons to eat vegetables with every meal.

Nutrient Absorption

Vegetables are loaded with fiber and enzymes that are essential for digestion and absorption.  This is arguably even more important with a high protein diet, because having a high protein intake can cause bloating and/or constipation, but the added fiber will aid in the digestion process to prevent those side affects.  The point of nutrition is for your body to absorb the different nutrients that we eat and if your body doesn’t absorb enough of the nutrients, then your results will not be maximized.

Insulin Management

It’s always better to be as insulin sensitive as possible for both muscle growth and fat loss. Consuming more vegetables will help your body get a better insulin response from your meals.   The diet you keep can effect your blood sugar levels and with that your insulin response.  This also means that you’ll begin to feel much fuller and the added fiber will ease hunger for more food.

Immune Health

Vegetables provide micronutrients that will keep you feeling healthy by boosting your immune system. Constant exercising can leave you vulnerable to getting sick.  Whenever you workout, your body takes a lot of punishment and you will need an assortment of vitamins and minerals, as well as micronutrients, to help you recover.  In addition, the gym is a very dirty place!  Believe me, I train completely covered up with sweatpants and a hoodie (even when I do cardio) in order to prevent picking up unwanted germs or viruses.  Being exposed to germs will eventually get you sick, so you want to stay protected by constantly boosting up your immune system.

If you begin to eat more vegetables, you’ll begin to feel and look much healthier.  Not only will you drop some unwanted fat, but you can also lose a substantial amount of weight.  Although many people have a negative notion to all carbs as bad, these are definitely the type of carbs that everyone should eat.