Roelly Winklaar come back strong to win the 2017 Prague Pro.  He beat out William Bonac and Dexter Jackson to take the top spot.  I didn’t notice anything different from him at this contest, he’s been consistent and he looked as good as he usually does.









I’ll admit I was surprised by the win.  He beat out William Bonac, the Mr. Olympia runner up.  I think it’s safe to say that William Bonac didn’t show up at his best.  This is the 2nd show after the Mr. Olympia, so I can understand if he just slipped a little bit.  Three consecutive shows is tough, let a lone peak properly for all three.







William Bonac looked off.  I looked at several pictures of him and he looked soft, watery and not completely dry.  He left the door open for someone else to take the win.  I’m a fan of Bonac, but he didn’t look as good as he usually does.  You can tell from the pictures above, he’s missing some details, especially in his midsection, perhaps he spilled over?

Roelly showed up ready and he took advantage of Bonac’s deficiencies.  He’s looking as good as ever and can now take break to prep for the 2018 Olympia.  The Olympia top 5 will be hard to crack, but as you can see from the Prague show, everyone is close in rankings and they can be shuffled around at any given time.

Nathan De Asha came in 4th.  Nathan De Asha is still developing his shape, but he’s coming along nicely.  I think his lower body overpowers his upper body.  He’s also not as dense.  He placed 7th at the Olympia so he’s not too far off from that top 5 either.  He’s going to have to be strategic in the up coming months to win his way to an Olympia qualification.

Dexter Jackson placed 3rd.  One of my all time favorite bodybuilders, I would love to look that good in my late 40s.  One issue that I noticed in the last few shows was that he has to control the midsection.  I think he relaxes his stomach too often between transitions.  He didn’t look like he peaked for the show either, so I accept his 3rd place finish.

If I could make one switch, it would be with Dexter Jackson and William Bonacs placings.  From what I’ve seen, I would place Dexter 2nd and William Bonac 3rd.











Watch The Prague Pro Prejudging Here!

Men´s OPEN Bodybuilding

Prague Pro 2017 Top 5

  1. Winklaar Roelly (Curacao)
  2. Bonac William (Netherlands)
  3. Jackson Dexter (USA)
  4. De Asha Nathan (UK)
  5. Osladil Lukas (Czech Republic)
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