Happy New Years to All! 2018 is finally here!

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday festivities, including all the good eats, and are now back on the fitness grind.  It was a great couple of weeks for me and I ate pretty much everything in sight.  I was happy to stay off of the diet for a while because I was stressed from work and quite tired of eating the same foods.  No matter how long you do this stuff, it’s always a struggle.

My new years resolution is the same one I had back in 2015.  This year I’m going to continue to try to add some more size but without all of the extra fat. I’m doing another clear bulk but first starting with an all out cutting phase until February.  I’m happy that I managed to stay lean throughout the end of the summer and into the new year.  This is really going to help with my short cutting phase.

My year end stats were:

Weight: 155lbs

Waist:  30″

Estimated BF: 14%

And this is how I looked prior to traveling for New Years Eve.









As you can see, I still had some Abs (granted they were hanging on for dear life).  I’m going to try to add more size in my upper back/trap area as well as my shoulders.  More muscular development in those areas will make me look even bigger than I look now.  I’ll be sure to post progress pics every week.

As far as my training is concerned.  Below is my workout for this 4 week shred.




Saturday and Sunday are anticipated Rest and Cardio Only days.  I’m going to be doing some traveling in January so my workout was put together in anticipation for that.

Cutting/Shredding phases are aways tough.  I don’t know anyone who looks forward to being super strict with their diet.  It should be a good one since it’s only going to last a few weeks.  I’m anxious to see how much body fat I can lose by the time I’m done.  Again my goal is 10% or less at 150-155lbs.

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Miguel Quintana
A passionate fitness trainer who enjoys living and promoting a healthy fitness lifestyle. He is known for developing effective training programs and uses science proven methods with all his clients.