The concept of cycling isn’t exactly new to bodybuilding. When the body is exposed to foreign substances such as supplements, alcohol and others, it develops a tolerance for the substance. When this occurs, the same amount of the substance initially taken will not have the same effect on the body as the effect will reduce due to tolerance. This is where supplement cycling comes in as there is need to alter the subsequent amounts of the substance to maximize the result of the substance.

An example of this is with caffeine.  A person that drinks a cup of coffee a day, before work or during work, will not get the same amount of energy after a few weeks since the body will develop a tolerance for caffeine.  It is at this point that more caffeine is needed to get the same effects you previously had.  To avoid this issue, it is recommended to cycle your regular supplements in order to prevent your body from adapting to it.

Below is list of popular supplements that you should cycle.



Thermogenic substances are those employed in fat burners to help the body lose weight. They contain stimulants that speed-up the rate of metabolism while suppressing appetite. They are notable for their ability to help reach weight-loss aims in a shorter while. They are also known for boosting energy levels at the gym. But chronic usage can increase your tolerance.

The major stimulant in thermogenics is caffeine which can bring about elevation in cortisol levels causing muscle break down and increase in the fat storage capacity of the body and so diminishing the effects of taking a fat burner.

To remedy this tolerance effect, using fat burners is recommended for 2-3 weeks and then cycling off for 2-3 weeks, this will help keep cortisol levels low. This will help reduce the chances the tolerance effect of thermogenics.


Creatine is one of the most notable sports supplements in the industry today and there are articles that suggest its efficiency and hardly can one find any article that states its harmful effects to the human body. Most people’s use of creatine involves the intake of 20 grams while making use of a one month on, and certain amount of time off (at least 2 weeks but I’ve done up to 4 weeks off).

The gains in creatine usage are likely to diminish with time because the body simply gets used to creatine. The main goal of cycling creatine is to make the effects as close to the same effect on the initial times of intake and here is are successful ways way to achieve this.

Take 5 grams of creatine monohydrate after each training day and continue for about 6 weeks.  When you reach the 6 week period, cycle off for the following 2 weeks.  Again, i’ve gone as much as 4 weeks off but the time off varies.

Testosterone Boosters:

These substances work by increasing the levels of natural body testosterone allowing for increased ability to gain muscle and strength faster than what the body’s normal level will allow. They include many estrogen blockers which increase testosterone and at the same time lower estrogen, as well as compounds whose action is just to boost testosterone alone. When it comes to testosterone boosters, they are typically used for supplements cycling of up to two months at a time. Although some experts have experimented using them on a continuous basis it is advisable to exhibit caution to avoid the body getting used to their usage by breaking off for a period of four weeks after each eight week cycle.

I like to use them for no more than 3 months straight.  After 12 weeks, I’ll go off for about 4 – 6 weeks.  I use testosterone boosters during both my bulk and cut cycles and I get great results with this system.

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