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There are huge differences in the body make up of every individual and so there is no single answer for how long one must workout to change one’s body composition. It largely depends on what your expectations are, the kind of activities you’re engaged in, and the nature of your lifestyle and dietary habits.  At the level of your body physiology, changes to your body will likely start to occur once the calorie intake becomes less than the calorie output.  By implications, once the body is exposed to calorie burning strenuous activities of a well designed workout, you will trigger the necessary response from the body to make changes during the recovery phase.  Physically, however, most people start seeing results within the initial one or two months of incorporating regular and intensive workouts.  Below are some additional factors that are worth considering when trying to figure out how long it will take to see results.

Training Age

The rate of physical change the body will experience and how soon the changes will occur depends on some factors such as the condition of the body at the onset of training. For individuals that have never exercised before, changes will be noticed very quickly in about the first month.  Even if such people engage in basic workouts, they’re bound to experience remarkable increase in strength, endurance and fitness.  For beginners this is a motivating factor and I suggest you ride this wave or gains until you reach a plateau.

For persons who have been training out for a while, results will become very obvious in the first month or two as long as progressive intensity is employed in the routines.  I’ve had to go through these struggles multiple times coming back from several surgeries.  Each time seems to be a little harder, not truly sure why, but I assume it’s because my body is already familiar with the movements that I do, and therefore, requires that I do something different.  I’ve always reached my goals, but the timeframe has differed by a few weeks.

Type of training

It is also important to note that the physical activities one engages in has an impact on the result one is expecting and how soon it is likely to appear physically. For instance, for an individual whose fitness goal is geared towards building mass or that uses more of a bodybuilding approach, they’ll find that too much cardio is detrimental to maximizing muscular gains.  Unfortunately, cardio is set you back if your goal is to increase muscle size and will even stump your strength gains.  It’s a good idea to train the way you want to look since a particular training style will influence the way your body ultimately looks.

I utilize cut and bulk phase trainings routines to accomplish my short term goals separately, all contributing to a longer ultimate vision of what I want to look like.


Exercising once in a while is not going to offer much by way of changes to your physique.  You might as well not do anything if this is how you tackle fitness.  Whatever you goal is, consistency is required as well as patience.  Carrying out 3 to 5 workouts a week will assist in producing changes to physique.  Developing this habit and commitment to physical activity takes time, especially for first timers in the world of fitness training.  As long as you’re committed to a long term goal, you will see some periodic changes that will turn into some major noticeable changes.

I first start to see subtle changes after the first 4 weeks of consistent workouts.  It’s usually my waist size that start to decrease and I can tell when I’m putting on my pants.  Keep in mind that you may not notice any changes when you look in the mirror for a few more weeks so pay attention to how your clothes fit to track progress.

Change your mindset for quicker results

One of the most important changes that needs to happen is within yourself.  Your mindset plays a huge role in consistency and ultimately in taking advantage of each training day from the start.  Like in other fields, a positive mindset will go along way and will keep you going when you’re body feels like giving up.  Most people give up before they can see results or within the first 4 weeks or they’ll take longer to make a legitimate effort and thus delaying their progress.  I always tell my clients during my interview phase that losing fat/gaining muscle is not easy and to lose any expectations of making quick muscle or fat loss gains.  From my experience, you have to give it anywhere between 6-12 weeks minimum to see some noticeable changes.  Therefore, one must truly trust the process from the get go and be disciplined enough to stick with it and motivate themselves towards their goals.

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Miguel Quintana
A passionate fitness trainer who enjoys living and promoting a healthy fitness lifestyle. He is known for developing effective training programs and uses science proven methods with all his clients.