We all know that snack times are usually the worst if you set out to follow a healthy lifestyle. The 5 o’ clock hunger pang comes on unannounced and with so many unhealthy food options easily available, it is a little difficult to stick to the plan. So, here we have compiled a list of snack recipes that are not only healthy but make use of no more than 3 ingredients.

Loaded Protein Shake

Well, who can say no to milk shakes and that too when they are loaded with healthy goodness? All you would need for this version of milkshake is an apple, 2 tablespoons of chocolate whey powder ( if you have casein that would do as well), and some coconut milk as per your requirement. If you have almond or cashew milk available, you can always use them for added taste instead.  Blend it away until it gets a thick consistency. Have it anytime of the day or on-the-go when you are running late for work.

Protein Brownies

Our version of the protein brownies requires no flour and is fairly easy to make. Preheat the oven at 350F while you mix the ingredients. Get ahold of three overripe bananas, 2 scoops of protein powder and half a cup of melted nut butter of your choice. Blend them in a food processor, bake them in the greased tray twenty minutes and then leave them to cool for twenty minutes before slicing. You can add in some chocolate chips and cocoa powder for added taste if you like.

Protein Pancakes

There is no wrong time for pancakes especially if they are this healthy. This version uses one ripe banana, 2 eggs, half a scoop of a tablespoon of protein powder and a little bit of baking powder to add fluffiness to the mixture. Blend them until they are smooth and then cook them using a non-stick pan. For added taste, you can always toss in some blueberries and fresh fruits as well.

Protein and Oatmeal

This one not only makes for a heartiest breakfast but is equally healthy to eat all day long as well. Mix in one good scoop of protein mix with some plain oatmeal in a bowl. Add in milk or water as per your taste and have it warm. Throw in some fresh fruits and nuts for added crunchiness.

Snacks do not always have to be unhealthy if you plan it right.

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Miguel Quintana
A passionate fitness trainer who enjoys living and promoting a healthy fitness lifestyle. He is known for developing effective training programs and uses science proven methods with all his clients.