fitness through thoughts

You may have seen recent statistics on the average weight of Americans today versus 20 years ago. We are about 20 pounds heavier. Women weigh on average 160 pounds and men around 197. Most of these people may even think they are of normal size. However, if you are surrounded by people of similar size, then you will not look out of place. It’s like the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Let’s see how you can change the way you think to get in shape. Let’s start with the last sentence of the previous paragraph. Those who associate with the majority will have a profound effect on their behavior. If you are always around people who live an unhealthy lifestyle, guess what? You are going to adopt similar behavior. People for the most part, tend to follow the crowd. So if you want to be healthy and fit, then who should you go to more often? Yes, people who are healthy and fit.

What you read also affects what you believe. If you simply buy books and magazines related to health and fitness, it’ll go a long way towards how you think. Think of it as a kind of new religion. It will be the religion of a healthy body that leads to a healthy mind. Now, you do not have to get too-obsessed with it. Just get to the point where you develop a healthy lifestyle.

Developing an athlete’s mentality will help as well. You see, athletes realize that they need to train to stay fit and have the right combinations of nutrition to be effective. That includes feeding your cells to multiply and to supply the body with performance.

One of the things about getting to a healthy and fit body is not where you are now, but where you want to get to. Imagine that you are somewhere in the future and you are in shape and feeling it fully. What would your day look like? How would you spend it? What kind of life would you have? Who would your friends be? What would you be doing? Once you answer these questions, then, imagine as if it were real. Then take the necessary steps to get to that point by planning backwards to the present, and then go for it.


So let’s go back over the points that will help you get to a fitness mindset:

  • Associate with fitness-minded people. This includes personal trainers and athletes.
  • Start reading material related to fitness. Also, watch videos and listen to audios too.
  • Think like an athlete. Associating with athletes, as indicated in the first bullet point, will help you.
  • Create your future in your mind. Imagine that it is already happening and then make it so.
  • Start exercising. This will also help you change the way you believe. Action always does that.

You have the power in your hands to change your way of thinking about the physical state. This will lead to the actions and behaviors you do. I wish you a healthy and fit life.