I watched this short video on breaking and developing habits and I found it very informative.  I’d like to share the link below for anyone who is having trouble developing a new routine, whether it be within fitness or some other goal that you may have.

Within fitness, developing habits is extremely important because many people who fail to develop a habit don’t succeed.  As we approach the end of the year, many people jump on the “new years resolution” band wagon and fitness is one of the most common goals.

A few things to point out from this video:

Change your environment for success 

Set up an environment that guarantees your success.  For nutrition, an example is to stop buying foods that you don’t need to eat.  If you notice that your fridge is full of garbage, then this is an easy fix.  This doesn’t mean to stop buying all of your favorite foods, but do a little more research and to find “replacements” for the foods you typically buy.  Instead of regular white bread, buy something that’s a little healthier for you like wheat bread.  As you get to other items in your fridge, you’ll notice that there are many food items that are completely unnecessary and better alternatives than what you’re used to buying.  If your goal is to be healthier, why keep buying fatty meats and the creamy ice cream?

Regularly stocking your food also makes it easy to stop having cravings that lead to making poor eating choices.  Having a predetermined set of healthy foods in your fridge readily available will prevent you from making poor choices like ordering “healthy chinese food” or pizza with vegetable toppings.

Behaviors are belief driven

This is one of the first habits you should develop in fitness.  Know and believe in your heart that you can succeed.  If you shift your belief you will succeed.  Program your brain and mindset so that you win from the start.  If you don’t believe you can make it, you will fail because developing a habit takes time.  From what i’ve ready, a habit takes about 2-3 weeks of consistency so you can’t faking it.  You’ll win by going to the gym or doing something fitness related everyday and forcing yourself to get through the mental struggle of accomplishing that goal.

Organize your life

Developing habits is easier if you take the time to organize your life.  Streamline your day in a way that’s easy and brainless.  The video uses the example of Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same t-shirt everyday.  He wears the same t-shirt everyday because it’s one decision that he doesn’t have to think about.  I’m not saying that you need to do this same thing, but program your day where you’re doing the same things at the same time at the same point of the day.  For me, I decided that it’s easier for me to go to the gym everyday at 5am.  That means I have to get up by 430 or 445am everyday so get myself ready and drive over to the gym to start by workout at 5am promptly.  If you want to go to the gym and get yourself in shape and you think that you don’t have the time, then you need to reassess your schedule and make time.  Perhaps it’s not at 5am for you, but it can be after work at 8pm or 9pm or whenever you can fit it in the course of your day.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today

This really stood out to me.  Work hard and own your day friends.  Even if you fail, failure doesn’t last forever.  Fail and fail and fail, but keep pushing.  At some point you will stop failing and you will succeed.  Doesn’t matter how many times you started and stopped working out, if you start back up and you are well prepared (ie: planned your day, forced yourself into a habit, changed your mental mindset so that you know you will succeed), then there is no stopping you.  Take control of your life today so that you can win tomorrow.

Watch the video below:

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Miguel Quintana
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