3 Supplements All Females Need To Take

Many females are now considering bodybuilding training as their form of training to reach specific fitness goals.  With the creation of the bikini and physique categories in modern bodybuilding, it is more acceptable for female competitors to compete at higher levels.  Modern female bodybuilding is not what it once used to be.  Through the magic of social media – specifically Instagram, the days of overly muscular women are over and a much more attractive feminine look is what appeals to most. Bodybuilding leagues have also come to terms that a female with an athletic, fit, and toned body is ultimately more attractive as well as profitable.

If you are one of these females that want to take your physique to the next level, whether you choose to compete in shows or just to have a more aesthetic look, I suggest that you research training methods that root out of female bodybuilding and take the appropriate supplements that go along with this type of training. With that in mind, supplements are a big part of a serious training program.  So the question is not to ask if you should use supplements at all, but rather what kind of supplements you should take.

One kind of supplement that fits this need is creatine monohydrate. Creatine monohydrate is one of the most studied supplements that exist today.  It is naturally needed by the muscles, which means that it is safe to ingest.  We usually get creatine from the meats that we eat so if you lack the appropriate meat proteins from your diet, supplementing with creatine is a no brainer.

Creatine monohydrate is normally produced by the liver, pancreas and the kidney. It has been used by Olympic athletes in order to gain more strength, help their muscles have more endurance and to repair broken down muscular tissue.  Regular training sessions will injure your muscles so it is recommended that you supplement with products that will help with muscular repair. By taking creatine monohydrate, the muscles will repair much faster.

In addition to creatine, there are also multi-vitamins which should be part of a female’s supplement stack.  Micronutrients are needed for health reasons as well as proper body function.  You can’t just focus on macronutrients and expect to be healthy so whenever you’re dieting for fat loss, you want to make sure to incorporate a good multi-vitamin so that you’re not in a deficit for any of those vital vitamins and minerals.  It’s especially important for women to supplement with a multivitamin because I’ve found that many females are naturally deficient in certain micronutrients, Iron for example, so I wouldn’t recommend them to train without giving their body what it’s lacking.

Finally, my last recommendation is whey protein.  Whey protein is needed to promote muscle growth by repair of torn muscle fibers from a prior workout.  Proteins are extremely important as they are the main building blocks of muscle tissue. However, you can get a good amount of protein by consuming protein-rich foods although the proteins absorbed from foods take time and can be limited compared to whey. Since whey protein is already broken down, you will see that the body can absorb more of the whey protein much faster.

At times, my female clients resist on supplementing with whey protein for various reasons stemming from bad taste to fear of bulking up like a man.  Remember that males and females have different body compositions and that each gender treats supplements slightly different.  If you’re concerned about looking or bulking like man because you’re training like a bodybuilder, then you truly have nothing to worry about.  Females can never and will never look like a man, even if they train like bodybuilders simply because of the type of hormones each gender produces – (I would be happy to further clarify this if you’d like).

If you’re a women who wants to take their physique to the next level, whether it’s to have an enhanced personal physical appearance or even for competition, then you must incorporate these supplements into your training program.  These are the main dietary supplements available for females today.  As always, keep in mind that these are only dietary supplements so they’ll enhance your workouts and physique much faster than you would without them, but you will still require proper nutrition and training to reach your well intended goals.

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Miguel Quintana
A passionate fitness trainer who enjoys living and promoting a healthy fitness lifestyle. He is known for developing effective training programs and uses science proven methods with all his clients.